The Center for Victims of Torture works toward a future in which torture ceases to exist and its victims have hope for a new life. We are an international nonprofit dedicated to healing survivors of torture and violent conflict. We provide direct care for those who have been tortured, train partners around the world who can prevent and treat torture, and advocate for human rights and an end to torture.

We welcome your comments. To facilitate substantive conversation on the rehabilitation of torture and war survivors, we reserve the right to remove or edit comments that include profanity, personal attacks, commercial messages, support for or against political candidates or advocacy of violence. Comments are the opinions of the authors alone and are not endorsed by the Center for Victims of Torture.

1 thought on “About”

  1. lela meacham said:

    my name is lela i just turned 40 and want to be happy , there was only about a two yr window i of feeling happiness at 30 it was short lived . i was sexually abused by my eldest brother and physically and emotionally abused by both of my brothers only 3 years younger than my oldest brother so all i wanted to do was play with my brothers so i took all they gave . my father drank so he was never really around and when he was i got ignored ,my mother worked to support her children so she never there to protect me i was raped as a teen started doing drugs at 16 moved out at 18 and started using speedballs(herion& cocaine ) alwys had a boyfriend so never really formed a good work ethic, i had very few wants one main one stay high. i had a daughter at 25 w my husband, at about 4yrs old i moved back in with my mom. my boyfriend and i was in a motorcycle wreck that he died in. so about yr later i bought my first motorcycle not knowing how to ride it . ten yrs later i still ride i felt the right thing to do for my daughter was let my mom and dad who has all thier time to dedicate to her so it was the most stable invironiment . she is now 14 .about a yr ago i was done with wanting to stay high and my daughter needed me more than ever now i feel my parent are abusing her i feel well damage is only getting worse because she dont relieve what she is doing is wong she belittle me to her so she is turning her againt me. since i started my journey to sobriety mental health put me on meds now my mom has took my clothes and all my things and locked them away changed the locks to the house and kicked me out several times , my older brother moved in with our parents and thats when it really got bad i told her about the abuse growing up and told her it was him or my daughter she moved him in my room i refuse to give up my daughter she is the only person in life i owe anything to the cycle of abuse that has been in my familly goes back generations . only i can change that cycle for her .i have no income and refuse to leave her behind i so need help. mental health has cancled my mo apts since 27 jan so im not on my med for 1 month i need help i cant seem to get out of rut

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